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axsysnet™ offers Cloud-based solutions provided online and on-demand.


- Java/J2EE


A new brand, e-Commerce platform and consumer web site for Sybase customer's on-line retail initiative.


"axsysnet™ took our client's idea from vision to reality using our technology with e-Commerce to create a web presence solution that would add value to their e-Retail brand."
Jonathan Groth
Services Account Manager


As organizations become more digital, they become more complex to manage. How can managers keep up and make sense of it all? Take a look at axsysnet™ Cloud solutions.

Our Solutions include leading best-in-class Cloud platforms to provide customers with all the tools and technology they need to capture customer and trading partner data, target and deploy effective on-line tactics, automate activities, personalize web site and application use and optimize information and knowledge management to enhance customer service:

  • CRM. Using and other cloud-based tools we quickly deliver solutions designed to manage, understand and support Sales, Service and marketing activities. We design solutions that leverage social and mobile features to connect customers across an organization or between enterprises to solve problems, respond to customer needs, and track marketing dynamics.
  • Portals. Enterprise portals that personalize the user experience for authenticated portal visitors. Our Portals capture and share site visitor behavioral insights across all e-business channels allowing you to enhance communication with real-time responses, improve site navigation and reduce digital clutter ensuring that content is always fresh, relevant and personlized for users.
  • Merchanix. Using e-Commerce and shopping cart technology that continuously and actively manages the customer experience, Merchanix supports advanced shopping, search and social collaboration to deliver a unique e-Commerce experience. Merchanix determines individual consumer preferences, and then delivers targeted content that matches each shopper's interests.
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