Customer. is the leading provider of personalized real-time traffic information for drivers across the U.S. The company's product and service offerings target broadcast media, government, consumers, in-vehicle navigation, advertising, and web content markets.

Challenge. Unlike its predecessors in the traffic information marketplace, the Founders of came up with a unique business proposition: collect, transform, package, brand and distribute traffic data to different markets. . . in real-time. understood that to provide such a robust service across markets, it would need a flexible platform that could be integrated with existing transporation technology and adaptable allowing for inclusion of advanced features to be competitive.

In addition to traffic information, also wanted to collect and distribute related roadside incident data to their customers.


Solution. wanted an information solutions provider that had web design and engineering skills as well as experience integrating web applications into legacy systems. Since some transportation systems are based on proprietary technology, they needed a provider that could also design and build sytem interfaces. selected axsysnet™.

Approach. A detailed requirements review was performed documenting business, market, competitive and technical needs. A resulting technical blueprint was prepared and used for both the web site and underlying web applications.

Using the blueprint, axsysnet™ identified and selected best-in-class technology platforms such as hosting, database, and geographic information systems (i.e., mapping), as well as select open-source technologies.

Apart from creating the customer-facing areas of the web site, axsysnet™ engineered and customized back-end applications which included creation of custom interfaces supporting real-time interaction with existing state and local traffic management systems.

Results. axsysnet™ provided some innovative solutions for to successfully enter the traffic information marketplace and facilitate cross-selling of their content into other industries. completed the "hard launch" of the business in 2000. Since then, sales and subscribers continue to grow.

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