Customer. Sybase is a leader in innovative database technology. A global company, it is the largest enterprise software and services company exclusively focused on managing and mobilizing information.

Challenge. Sybase had been engaged to define, build and launch a multichannel retail web site. Their customer wanted to leverage technology to build strong relationships with on-line shoppers, manufacturers and suppliers. A critical requirement was to not carry or warehouse inventory.

Sybase and its customer realized the project's supply-chain and fulfillment constraints, as well as the need to develop brand identity, tailor merchandising processes and define customer adoption strategies required an approach that was different from basic e-Commerce.

In addition to automating retail processes, the customer also wanted to leverage the web to build loyalty with on-line shoppers.


Solution. Sybase wanted to partner with a company that not only knows e-Commerce, but had experience with their portal and database. Their customer wanted a solutions provider that understood technical aspects of the web, as well as how to use the medium for its creative and marketing aspects in on-line retail. Both customer and Sybase chose axsysnet™.

Approach. We performed an in depth analysis of the customer's market including review of Claritas Prizm segments based on demographic, socio-economic and lifestyle characteristics. Additional analysis was done to identify product interest and usage behaviors of target market segments, which determined product catalog and manufacturer / supplier profiles.

axsysnet™ identified and qualified manufacturers and suppliers based on profile, product mix requirements and the ability to support a Drop Shipping fulfillment operation. Selection was limited to vendors with technology that allowed for secure real-time integration between their order management, inventory and shipping systems and the customer's Sybase database and third-party e-Commerce shopping cart.

In addition to designing the customer experience, marketing plan and search engine optimization strategy, axsysnet™ integrated and customized third-party collaborative tools including chat, blog, discussion group and video to help accelerate growth and interest in the site by building on-line community around the site, its core brand and the products it carries.

Results. Leveraging Web 2.0 concepts and features, axsysnet™ created an innovative solution using best-in-class Sybase technology, integrated order and fulfillment processes, and collaborative interactive tools to build customer loyalty and adoption. The customer was able to successfully launch their site. They are attracting visitors, generating sales and building an on-line community around its products and brand.

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