Customer. Computer Associates (CA) is one of the world's largest IT management software companies providing software and expertise to unify and simplify complex IT environments.

Challenge. CA's direct sales business has ambitious sales targets, but company processes and technical frameworks had not kept pace with growth. Sales teams relied on different systems and methods to record sales opportunities and transactions leading to operational inefficiencies.

Sales is a driving force behind CA's success and the company recognized it had to improve its ability to develop, monitor and pursue sales enhancement opportunities.

CA believed it could achieve this goal only if it integrated activities of its global 6,000-member sales force. It selected a premier on-demand sales automation tool as the core component of this new integrated process.


Solution. CA wanted an information solutions provider that had CRM, enterprise integration, and web development expertise. A provider with technical knowledge and resources that could work with their IT teams and sales automation vendor to implement a global multilingual sales application. CA selected axsysnet™.

Approach. axsysnet™ delivered providing project managememnt, data architecture, applications engineering and QA expertise, as well as an understanding of automated sales processes, which we used to validate and recommend enhancements to the CA sales process.

After refining processes, data and application models were developed to reduce human intervention and minimize content redundancy with existing data sources including SAP and Oracle, as well as ensure seamless integration with CA HR and product catalog systems.

A development sandbox replicating production and iterative development methodology were used to quickly develop, test, remediate issues, and deploy application versions. Using this approach solution features were consistent, traceable and could be easily rolled back.

Results. CA achieved its goal integrating the activities of its 6,000-member enterprise sales force dispersed around the world. axsysnet™ delivered the enterprise integration CA needed, quickly and cost-effectively. Today, CA has the CRM and sales force automation application and capabilities it needs to improve performance of sales and customer support interaction.

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